SILENT DINNER SOUNDSCAPE (Mooste/Tallinn, Estonia 2015)

SILENT DINNER SOUNDSCAPE (Mooste/Tallinn, Estonia 2015)

Soundscape composed from field recordings taken between 16-26 March 2015 around Mooste, Estonia, during a residency stay at MoKS, for a collaborative performative silent dinner taking place at Kanuti Gildi SAAL (Tallinn, Estonia) organized by artist/researcher Luisa Greenfield (US/DE) and philosopher/artistic researcher Sebastian Dieterich (DE/CH), with the participation of artist/researcher Christina Burkolter (DK/CH). This performance operated as a ritualistic sensorial immersion, in the context of a nomadic community of artistic researchers and practitioners, bringing an embodied experience of the outer space (sounds collected from walks through the forest around Mooste) into an intimate location where the basic needs of the performing, living body are met – both the needs manifest as hunger and exhaustion, the need for privacy in an intense exchange environment, and the need for the partial release of the self as ego after prolonged exposure to a shared space of intense identification between work and artist. The meal was prepared, using local resources and a DIY ethics, by the Berlin based nomadic artist ensemble NoWhere Kitchen (Pepe Dayaw and Ayumi Saito).